Chunyi’s MA thesis research notes (in Finnish)

Topic of note: Finnish foreign policy and the art of managing paradox

Purpose of research: studying Finland’s legacy of Cold War era paradox management for the purpose of advancing current day SDG 13 and SDG 17 (climate action and building partnerships for the goals, key thesis targets)

Ote Matti Pesun 2017 artikkelista “Suomettumisen ABC”. The Ulkopolitist

Mapping discussions on the changing social imaginary in finance

Session Title: “ESG — Efficient or not?”

Slush team intro to session: “Environmental, Social and Governance criteria is used to evaluate a company’s social and environmental conscientiousness. As with many new policies, the reception has been mixed. Some are positive while…

  • Main live event, planned for 5th Dec, changed to online format, eg gathering of insights will take place online!
  • POP UP Launch, Friday 3/12/21, 3PM takes place

Online participation in the episode creation is also possible by sending a short note via twitter (@PiviK5), Linkedin or by voice message via…

A research memo for MA thesis

16 Nov BBC News (video transcription, from approx 1:05 onwards)
US and Chinese leaders hold virtual summit

“.. the Chinese vision is for the relationship that it does not have to be Zero-Sum, it does not have to be win-lose. On the contrary, from the Chinese vantage point the relationship can be win-win and I think this is where one of the most fundamental differences between the US perspective in the Chinese perspective is because frankly in the United States today across the partisan aisle, there’s a very strong sense rightly or wrongly, that it is Zero-Sum, and if China gains, by definition America loses”

The Bank of Finland Institute for Emerging Economies celebrates 30th Anniversary (A Chunyi Media Research Note/ENG upcoming)

China-Nordic kulttuurikouluttajan näkökulmasta tällä hetkellä maailmanpolitiikan gradua kirjoittavana tutkijana oli suuri ilo tänään olla mukana todistamassa korkean profiilin dialogia, jota käytiin “yhdessä oppimisen” ja keskinäisen kunnioituksen hengessä.

Tutkimuskysymykseni käsittelee sitä, miten mittavien ja…

Päivi Kuusela

纯怡Media — a cultural consultant’s explorations into the brave new world of SDG Financing. MA thesis as R&D for intercultural communication & management Edtech

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