Environmental tech in China

Slush China facilitates environmental tech startup — investor relations

Chunyi (纯怡) Media is very much looking forward to this event, as this is the topic about which this summer’s research interviews are being conducted!

Its also wonderful to see how the “next gen” Slush China teamsters are facilitating startup investor relations, a task in which yours truly “ran the first relay lap” in 2015 — with a focus on supporting the localization of the event as Head of Investor-Startup Relations, Beijing.

What is 纯怡 Media? — a cultural consultancy’s explorations into the brave new world of SDG/environmental Finance. The related podcast is both the media project of a MA thesis and R&D for future intercultural communication & management Edtech. The main purpose of the thesis is to better understand the green finance trend as it is developing in China, in order to build international innovation partnerships for the UN 2030 SDGs. The podcast creates a “learning together” networking culture, while the purpose of the Edtech will be to speed up global cross-cultural innovation management (by sharing practical case studies etc).

关于纯怡媒体介绍-一家文化咨询公司,探索可持续发展目标/环境金融的新世界。相关的播 客采访既是硕士论文的媒体项目,也是未来跨文化传播与管理 Edtech 的研发项目。论文的 主要目的是更好地了解绿色(环保)金融在中国的发展趋势,为联合国 2030 年可持续发展 目标建立国际创新伙伴关系。播客创造了一种“一起学习”的网络文化,而 Edtech 的目的是 加速全球跨文化创新管理(通过分享实践案例等)。

About the event: July hybrid online/offline event with environmental tech theme! In-depth exchanges and interactions… A total of 6 environmental tech start-ups pitching + a round table of environmental tech investors and industry experts, discussing the hot topics of the industry ❤

纯怡Media — a cultural consultant’s explorations into the brave new world of SDG Financing. MA thesis as R&D for intercultural communication & management Edtech