• POP UP Launch, Friday 3/12/21, 3PM takes place

Online participation in the episode creation is also possible by sending a short note via twitter (@PiviK5), Linkedin or by voice message via whatsapp or wechat. If the preference is email, the address is paivi.kuusela@gmail.com

According to FT’s Moral Money, investors are going “back to school”, to learn about the implications of climate change on finance. Chunyi Media is a project in line with this shift, with the motto “We are all students of climate change. Let’s learn together!” What learnings can be captured from Slush Helsinki 2021?

Warm welcome to a small podcast “late lunch” Friday 3/12/21 3PM or Sunday 5/12/21 noon held at Favela Bar (Mechelininkatu 13, 500 meters from Maria 01)! Serving green tea and Focaccia by Eemeli, with a special treat for founders, in celebration of entrepreneurship ❤ The idea is to create an opportunity for sharing the Slush Helsinki week’s learnings and discussions on sustainable/green finance, and forming networks therein, in a co-created podcast episode.

The podcast is a side project of a MA thesis at the University of Helsinki, exploring the integrative potential of green/sustainable finance networks globally (vs disintegrative tendencies in global political economy, see Professor Heikki Patomäki’s excellent 2018 book).

The project traces the changing social imaginaries of finance, and calls everyone to “learn together”. Thesis learning notes are shared, with the added intention to also share learnings and best practices across ecosystems from a cross-cultural communication and smart contradiction management perspective. At the core is an argument, evolving around a sustainable business negotiation concept (Karsaklian 2016) that “win-win” networks are possible. The podcast host is a cultural mediator, global nomad, entrepreneur and founding member of Slush China.

Competition or collaboration? … why not both!

Although every implementation of an environmental tech solution, large or small, in Shenzhen or Copenhagen, is an incremental step on behalf of the climate, overall, multi-level multi-sector partnerships and networks of an unprecedented scale will be required. How are these forming around the globally shared climate action imperative? What gems of thought can be gathered from Slush Helsinki 2021?

Other episodes in the upcoming podcast, with the mission of connecting ecosystems, will include coverage from the July 2021 Slush China environmental tech pitching event and the Nordic Impact Investment Summit 2021 (Copenhagen). The podcasting is also a research method for Edtech R&D.




纯怡Chunyi Media — a cultural consultant’s explorations into the brave new world of green financing. MA thesis as R&D for Edtech with paradox management lens

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Päivi Kuusela

Päivi Kuusela

纯怡Chunyi Media — a cultural consultant’s explorations into the brave new world of green financing. MA thesis as R&D for Edtech with paradox management lens

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